Where to holiday in Mallorca?

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Summer time is not that far away.. at least inside our bored and freezing minds!

I think Mallorca is a holiday destination we should not underestimate. Sure, Mallorca is and will always be one of the most sought after Spanish holiday destinations and we all kind of know that. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic islands with pristine turquoise waters, secret coves, large long beaches and lots of beauty. So whether you are looking for a fun holiday, a quiet getaway or for a romantic escape, Mallorca is your holiday destination.

Beach Formentor

A great escape to the Formentor bay by ferry from the Port of Pollenca

As a Spanish citizen living on the East coast of Spain, Mallorca has always been part of my summer holiday memories. Yes, I come from a (very) sunny part of the world, with beautiful Mediterranean beaches, palm trees promenades but the Balears are just on another level.

First of all, Mallorca is an island which inspires dreams, relaxation and intimacy. Secondly, Mallorca offers everything I can dream: from picture-perfect beaches, rich History, culture and heritage to amazing landscapes.

Overall, I think the real Mallorca is still unknown.

Mallorca is an island with an incredible heritage which is visible through the picturesque villages, Palma de Mallorca -the capital, its medieval quartier, the charming fishermen ports and the strong traditions mallorquins preserve alive: gastronomy, agriculture, language and festivals.

Because even if Mallorca’s principal revenue is tourism, the people are very proud of their origins and demonstrate a strong and characteristic personality which protects Mallorca’s unique beauty.

I must confess I love relaxing on the beach doing absolutely nothing except drinking cocktails, sunbathing and, perhaps…snorkelling but I will keep these type of “hyperactive”getaways for destinations like Mauritius, Seychelles or Zanzibar. Mallorca has so much more to offer than beach and cocktails… you should definitely embrace the island and enjoy exciting excursions!

Cristina Alias A Spanish Perspective

Enjoying delicious evening cocktails at Port de Pollenca

That being said, last summer I hesitated a long time between Menorca and Mallorca. I love Menorca but I wanted to re-discover Mallorca as I had been going to Menorca for the past few years. After days, well weeks, interacting in Spanish forums, reading books and talking to some friends who have moved over there it was crystal clear to me: I had to go to Mallorca.

From the moment I landed to the moment I sadly took off back to the UK, I hated myself for my previous hesitation. Mallorca is just outstanding, outstanding!

Mallorca countryside

Pretty countryside views in the North-East of Mallorca

Getting there

Palma de Mallorca has a very well-connected international airport as well as Ferry lines to and from Spain. From the airport itself you can rent a car or take a bus to the town. In my case, I wanted to rent a car to drive through the olive tree fields and get a real feel for the countryside.

Even if I absolutely adore Palma de Mallorca, the capital, and I do think most of the island sites (except some very well-known party places like Magaluff) offer top-notch experiences this time I decided to be based in the North East of the island.

Palma de Mallorca

The cathedral Santa Maria of Palma de Mallorca

Why the North of Mallorca?

It is known that the North of the island is dramatically beautiful. The North, as you can easily see on any  map, is home to the mountains of Mallorca, yes…  The “Serra de Tramuntana” is a UNESCO site since 2011 that runs from the West to the East coast and reaches 1.445 meters of height.  Therefore the North-East combines beautiful view-points with characterful fisherman villages and lots, lots of cycling, hiking and sailing excursions to choose from.

Where to stay?

I would have loved to stay everywhere, see everything, do it all in Mallorca but I found a great hotel in Playa de Muro: Hotel Viva Blue & Spa, a 4 star hotel located 100 meters from a beautiful long beach and right by the natural park and its lagoons. One tip, ask for a room facing the natural park for a truly relaxing experience. It was not the most luxurious hotel I have stayed in Mallorca but I love Viva Hotels as they offer great value for money, great locations and fantastic amenities Also, Viva is a Spanish hotel chain based in the Balearic islands only, very local indeed. This hotel had various pools including a 25 meters adults-only pool! I would recommend this hotel to families and friends especially but I thought it was great for a couple too!

Playa de Muro

I decided to go for Playa de Muro which I think is an ideal location for couples and families. If you rent a car you can easly access the mountain routes and iconic ports like Port de Pollença and Alcúdia. Of course, you mustn’t miss the Cala de Sant Vicente and Formentor.

Alcudia Bay Mallorca

Even when it is cloudy, Alcudia Bay offers paradise warm water as well as beautiful views

Long story short, Playa de Muro –on the renowned Alcúdia Bay- is a 6km long beach with fabulous amenities and beautiful hotels, a nice ambiance and vibe can be found there. If you have enough of turquoise water, a sandy beach with mountain views on the background and lazy cocktails you can always head to the tiny coves next door, discover the villages and their traditional way of life and visit the Natural Park right there S’Albufera. What else would I need? Playa de Muro area has it absolutely all for the perfect holiday.

Hotel Viva & Spa Mallorca

I had a lovely time at the Hotel Viva & Spa Mallorca. Located next to the beach it is also close to the natural park it’s great especially for families

I had an unforgettable time in Mallorca so I wanted to share my experience in case you were thinking about your next summer holiday in Spain!

Gracias amigos!

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  1. love the review.
    I just love a holiday in Spain, visit barcelona and madrid for a great time when on holiday in Spain and Europe

  2. Hola! I am traveling to Mallorca, and me and my friends are thinking about staying in Illetas because we found a nice house. I was wondering if it is possible to travel around in mallorca, we are young girls and we do like crowded places and parties but not too much. For example magaluf is way too tourist for us, and too much. We also like shopping, nature, and quiet beaches. I also want to see other places in Mallorca, not just Illetas and Palma. Do you know if its easy to get from one city to another, and how expensive is it with local transport and taxi? Thank you :)

    • Hola Michell! I am glad that you have decided to head to Mallorca for your girls holiday, great great choice honestly! Mallorca has it all: party places in Palma, lots of great shopping (and tapas bars) also in Palma but Mallorca also offers quiet and beautiful alternatives.
      For what you are looking for, Mallorca is certainly the best destination (of the Balearic islands). Mallorca is relatively well connected by bus but I always rent a car at the airport to have the freedom to explore the island properly, drive through stunning olive trees fields, reach hidden beaches, stop at typical villages, discover scenic roads etc.. besides, if you are a group of girls it is a cheap and safer option (like renting a villa).
      If you love nature you must drive to the North of Mallorca, towards Pollenca and Alcudia and if you are not scared of narrow high roads then you should definitely drive from Andratx to Port de Pollenca: it is spectacular road that runs from the North-East to the North-West of the island offering the most breathe-taking views of the Mediterranean sea (and sunset).
      As a Spanish native myself, no offence but I do not like Magaluf at all so if you want to party the Spanish way you should definitely plan a night in central Palma where after some nice shopping you can have some typical tapas outside and go from one tapa bar to another tasting great Spanish wine before ending up in what we call a “pub” which is like a club with music etc, there are lots in central Palma, towards the Olympic Port.
      Don’t underestimate Palma, central Palma (not Magaluf) is one of the most stunning Spanish cities with the highest concentration of heritage and museums. Please, allow some time with the girls to go for shopping.. you are going to love the high streets, trust me!!!It is lively, pretty, with so many shops to chose from!
      In terms of cities, I think Mallorca’s best asset is the nature and landscapes so, other than Palma, there are not big cities. As mentioned earlier, you should visit Alcudia, Port de Pollenca, Formentor, the Cala d’Or.. but basically for you to understand, the North of Mallorca is a mountain region and that is where you find the most charming little village ssuch Fornalutx (one of the prettiest villages in Spain), Calvia, Soller and port de Soller, Deia etc. The Southern part of the island is flatter with more touristy type beaches.
      But if you have a villa on your own I recommend that you keep it simple because time in paradise flies! Visit Palma by day, spend a shopping morning or afternoon, get some tapas and some party there then if you are a good driver spend a day drinving through the Sierra de Tramontana (the northern mountains) to explore charming typical villages and their fishermen ports. If you don’t feel like driving through mountains go straight to Port de Pollenca, especially for diner and get a ferry to Formentor (30ms) where you will swim in Thailand type waters. If you want a large, long sandy beach with mountain views go to the Badia de Alcudia or Cala d’Or. If you like the tiny coves Santany has lots of them, well in fact, everywhere in Mallorca you can find paradise coves!! Es Trenc (South) is one of the most famous beaches because it looks like a Caribbean beach just be aware that is a nudist friendly beach.
      But at the end of the day Ses Illetes is a very nice beach resort with stunning beaches, you have Palma next door, a villa where to relax and party your way and great friends to spend your holiday with, so don’t worry to much, hahahah :)
      My only travel advice would be that you rent a car and just discover the real Mallorca, you will be surprised to see such a pristine and well preserved island full of character and beauty! Please, let me know if you have more questions and I hope you will send me some pics of your stay!!

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