Viña Rock Festival. One of Spain’s biggest music festival

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 Location: Villarobledo, Alicante
Dates: 30th of  April to the 02nd of  May

Viña Rock Fextival is: 5 stages, 37 artists, 200.000 people, a camping zone and a lot of music, indeed, a lot of music.

On the first weekend of June is celebrated Viña Rock, the first festival of native-art in Europe. This festival is certainly a major alternative music event worth visiting, at least once in a lifetime.

vina rock festival

The first edition of the festival was celebrated in 1996. It started as a Rock festival, with also some reggae and hip-hop artists. Later on, some Latin-American groups started joining the event as well. What started as a Rock festival slowly transformed into a more alternative music festival (for example, the Heavy metal stage was removed) but these changes made the initial assistants angry. However, the mass media loved these new trends and started supporting the event.

Despite a few changes, the Viña Rock Festival continues to be a major international music event. For instance, internationally renowned groups come from all over the world to play on its renowned stages. This year, on occasion of the 20th edition, legendary groups like “Los chichos”, “Rosendo” or ” Los Suaves ” will be part of the 2015 program.

Viña Rock Festival is known as the biggest festival of native art in Europe. Last year, the Festival congregated more than 60.000 visitors/day to overcome his assistance’s record with more than 200.000 people.


The groups that come to play at the festival also take the opportunity to express their social views and share their deep and engaged messages. They often claim human rights, judge political systems or, simply, hope for a better world!

The Viña Rock Festival is certainly a vibrant and complete music event where different groups play live, simultaneously on different stages. There is entertainment and buzz everywhere you look: merchandises shops, live skate boarding and lots of fun! The festival also has its own official currency “viñarockers”, which you can get inside the enclosure to purchase drinks at the bar by the stages.

I am convinced you will meet all kind of different people at the Viña Rock Festival. You will also notice people of all ages which is one of the aspects than makes this festival so popular enjoyable! In general, I think this is a very friendly and open-minded festival where I personally always end up making good friends from different backgrounds.

Dress code? Well, everything goes from cute little dresses to a more hippie or alternative look.

In the surroundings you can also find diverse shop stands where you can buy earrings, rucksacks, vests, jumpers… It is just like a real typical Spanish street market! During day time, there are several marquis where they play music until the beginning of the show. These marquis also feature snack food and drinks.

vina rock festival

Image source: Rock Circus

Because the festival lasts for three days, there is a special area for camping (the access fee comes included in the ticket price). You are allowed to bring your own camping tent but you can also rent all sort of camping material (chairs, torches etc). But if you want a more comfortable stay, the Festival also offers a “glamping” service: totally equipped rental for 2 or 4 people.

I hope you will enjoy this major Spanish Festival as much as I do. Please, share the love and if you are lucky enough to go, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below and your photos on our Facebook page!

Article by Marta Gómez Cuellar

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