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Are you thinking about skiing in Spain or are you looking for a Spanish ski destination for your winter holidays? If the answer is yes, but you don’t know where to go to, keep reading our top 5 Spanish ski resorts and enjoy!

5. Sierra Nevada

Information about Sierra Nevada:

  • Ski slopes’ maps
  • Heights: 2,100 – 3,300 m
  • Ski area: 106.8 km
  • Ski slopes: 124 / 19 greens, 41 blues, 50 reds and 7 blacks.
  • Pass Price: 46 €
  • Web

Sierra Nevada is located in Granada (Andalusia).The weather there makes Sierra Nevada one of the best Spanish ski resorts. The ski resort offers 106.8 km suitable for skiing divided in 124 ski slopes and a 1,200m gradient. Nightlife is an incentive to go to Sierra Nevada, especially if you go with friends. If you decide to go to Sierra Nevada you will have a good time on and off the slopes.

sierra nevada



4. GrandValira (Andorra)

 Information about GrandValira

  • Ski slopes’ maps
  • Heights: 1,710 – 2,640 m
  • Ski area: 210 km
  • Ski slopes: 128 / 19 greens, 48 blues, 38 reds and 22 blacks
  • Pass price: 46 €
  • Web

GrandValira is not a Spanish ski resort, however it has to be in this top 5 because of its quality and the number of skiers from the Iberian Peninsula that ski there every year. GrandValira is located in Andorra and it includes the ski areas of Encamp, Canilo, El Tarter, Soldeu, Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa that is a total of 210 km suitable for skiing distributed in 128 ski slopes. Snow bikes, dog sleds, snowshoes walks, a relaxing day at Caldea Spa and VAT free shopping are just a few of the activities that you can also do if you decide to go to GrandValira (Andorra).

grandvalira andorra


 3. Cerler

Information about Cerler

  • Ski slopes’ maps
  • Heights: 1,500 – 2,630 m
  • Ski area: 79 km
  • Ski slopes: 67 / 9 greens, 17 blues, 26 reds and 15 blacks.
  • Pass Price: 40.50€
  • Web

Although it is a small ski resort -with only 79km suitable for skiing and 67 slopes, Cerler receives lots of skiers in Spain. The lovely landscape, the amount of activities to do and a big fall of 9 km, as well as the peaceful chairlift ride make Cerler one of the best ski resorts in Spain. The small town of Cerler, as a usual visitor, it is worth it for those who love the mountain, the fresh air and to spend a great time with family, partner or friends.



 2. Baqueira – Beret

 Information of Baqueira – Beret

  • Ski slopes’ maps
  • Heights: 1,500 – 2,510 m
  • Ski area: 155 km
  • Ski slopes: 103 / 6 greens, 42 blues, 39 reds, and 16 blacks and 3 routes.
  • Pass price: 49 €
  • Web

There is no doubt that Baqueria – Beret is the best Spanish ski resort ever. And you probably think, why? There are 155 km suitable for skiing with 99 ski slopes for everybody and all levels. The facilities are very well preserved and it also offers a variety of excellent luxury hotels and restaurants. Baqueira is considered the most chic ski resort in Spain because of its selected atmosphere and its amazing views of el Valle de Arán that is the most beautiful Spanish mountain area thanks to its landscape and its architecture.

baqueira beret


 1. Formigal – Panticosa

 Information about Formigal-Panticosa

  • Ski slopes’ maps
  • Heights: 1,145 – 2,250 m
  • Ski area: 176 km
  • Ski slopes: 147 / 14 greens, 34 blues, 52 reds, 42 blacks and 5 routes.
  • Pass Price: 40.50 €
  • Web


Formigal – Panticosa is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Two things that make Formigal special are its facilities with 176 km suitable for skiing and 147 ski slopes and its proximity to Madrid. Also, as a skier who used to ski in Formigal, I think this is the perfect resort for families with young children. The ski slopes are very well distributed and you will never find a black slope unannounced. You can ski with lots of space and the landscape is simply beautiful.

formigal panticosa


What about you? Have you been in any of these ski resorts?

Don’t forget to tell us your experience in our Facebook Page and Twitter! :)

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