TOP 10 Spanish Films

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Did you know that movies like The Impossible, The Others, Buried or Agora were all Spanish films?

In the past decades, Spanish cinema has made its way in Hollywood and Spanish producers and directors are now internationally film makers. However, not only English speaking Spanish produced movies are famous around the world, movies in Spanish (with subtitles) like The Pan’s Labyrinth, The Sea Inside, Talk to her and Volver are a few more of internationally awarded Spanish films.

Spanish cinema is one of the most creative and rich in the world, but to make it easier for you, today I will only share with you my top 10 Spanish films that you recognize -or not- but I promise they are worth watching!

Spanish films

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The Skin I Live In is a very special film. They tell you it is about a human experiment. I think it is more than this.

Original title: La Piel que Habito | Year: 2011 | Director: Pedro Almodóvar | Genre: Thriller. Drama


Scorpion in Love mixes boxing’s discipline with neo-Nazi group’s violence. Besides that, Scorpion in Love is a film that goes beyond ideals. It is a film that shows love as something that does not understand about colours nor races.

Original title: Alacrán Enamorado | Year: 2014 | Director: Santiago A. Zannou | Genre: Drama. Thriller. Romantic


Spain after the military dictatorship, a town, two police officers and a disappearance. Marshland is the best Spanish film of the year, awarded with 10 Goya prizes.

Original title: La Isla Mínima | Year: 2014 | Director: Alberto Rodríguez | Genre: Thriller. Film noir. Intrigue. Crime


Julia’s sister, a blind woman, has died mysteriously. Julia investigates her sister’s dead, while she is also getting blind. A very deep and disturbing film that marries to perfection reality with fiction and terror.

Original title: Los Ojos de Julia | Year: 2010 | Director: Guillem Morales | Genre: Terror. Thriller


Drugs and money: a game for two youth boys who decide to get into a drug trafficking network in Gibraltar. It is a game for them until the anti narcotic police runs into their lives. Awarded with 4 Goya prizes, El Niño makes a big difference within the Spanish film production industry.

Original title: El Niño | Year: 2014 | Director: Daniel Monzón | Genre: Thriller. Action. Drama


Belén Rueda, one of the most important Spanish actresses, plays the role of Laura. Laura and her family move to the former orphanage where she grew up. Everything is fine until the games of her son Tomás, make her suspect that there is something more in the house, something that can threat her and her family. Definitely, one of my favourite films ever.

Original title: El Orfanato | Year: 2007 | Director: Juan Antonio Bayona | Genre: Horror. Intrigue. Fantasy

4. REC

You will feel like you are part of the film, as if you were the cameraman who goes with the reporter girl and the firemen to save everybody inside the contaminated building. Close your eyes, get frightened and shout, but “whatever you do, don’t switch off the camera”.

Original title: REC | Year: 2007 | Director: Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza | Genre: Horror


What is the worst thing that could happen when three cousins, with different personalities, decide to party in their summer holidays’ town and seduce a girl? You can’t stop laughing from the very beginning. Enjoy it, because Primos is a film that you will remember forever.

Original title: Primos | Year: 2011 | Director: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo | Genre: Comedy. Romantic


What if an Andalucian, a southern-Spanish boy, who has never left Seville, falls in love with a Basque, a northern-Spanish girl? Spanish affair is full of Spanish topics, but the way the director deal with them, will make you laugh out loud.

Original title: Ocho Apellidos Vascos | Year: 2014 | Director: Emilio Martínez – Lázaro | Genre: Comedy. Romantic


The Body is an unnoticed film, which deserves to be mentioned. The Body hooks you from the beginning. It will make you get frightened. It will make you think. It will make you doubt and finally, it will surprise you.

Original title: El Cuerpo | Year: 2012 | Director: Oriol Paulo | Genre: Thriller. Crime


I hope you enjoy all of these magnificent Spanish films. Please, share the list and don’t hesitate to comment below or on our Facebook page.


Gracias :) 

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