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What is the Table?

The Table is a Madrid pop-up restaurant located inside the URSO Hotel (Calle Mejía Lequerica, 8)

The Table is, in fact, a gastronomic project created by Better for the URSO Hotel & Spa in collaboration with Alejandra Ansón. The concept behind The Table is to offer unique gastronomic experiences to Madrid foodies!

The Table by Better consists in turning the kitchen and the restaurant of the URSO Hotel into a different Spanish restaurant once every month, adapting it to the personality of the chefs, its region and its local products as well as its decoration. In fact, The Table brings to Madrid the idea behind each restaurant it recreates and its personal brand.

The Table by


Who is “Better”?

Better is a pop-up events agency that believes in making things in a different way to try to communicate different experiences. Better’s projects are defined by their personality, uniqueness, creativity and innovation. Better is the team is behind The Table, this new gastronomic concept that is happening in Madrid.

Where is the URSO Hotel & Spa?

The URSO Hotel & Spa is located in central Madrid. The URSO is a five stars hotel that offers a unique experience to their clients. This hotel hosts the first pop-up restaurant ever, inviting different Spanish restaurants to Madrid to serve their traditional region’s cuisine.

Hotel Urso. Calle Majía Lequerica, 8. Madrid | 28004 | Spain | T 615 36 79 17



What is happening at ‘The Table’?

Currently, The Table project has finished its season with the restaurant Canela en Rama (Jaén) and now is preparing for the next season starting in October 2015. 

The Table has hosted restaurants from around Spain like Abastos 2.0 a Galician restaurant, Cenador de Amós (Cantabria)Extanobe (Bilbao), L’Escaleta, a restaurant located in Alicante and A Fuego Negro, another Basque restaurant. 

Abastos 2.0


The Table certainly is a wonderful experience for Spanish cuisine lovers and also for foodies that would like to try the best and most awarded restaurants in Spain but without leaving Madrid. Not only the concept by The Table is a unique experience in the gastronomic landscape but the location within the URSO luxury hotel is a destination by itself!

The Table by


Don’t miss out on this opportunity and let us know on our Facebook page, if you are one of the lucky ones that get to try the best of Spanish cuisine in Madrid!

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