Hotel Olivia Balmes Barcelona. A luxury hotel in Eixample Esquerre

Hotel Olivia Balmes Barcelona

  Hotel Olivia Balmes is, without a doubt, one of my favorite hotels in Barcelona. In fact, I have my little secret list of hotels I have tried and loved in Barcelona and the Olivia Balmes is certainly one of my top choices. I have stayed in countless Barcelona hotels, hostels, pensiones and apartments over the years. Although I am from the area of Barcelona, I do not have a relative or a house in central Barcelona so that means I had to always look for accommodation to rent which, in a way, has turned to be a positive point rather than a disadvantage… I have had the opportunity to try so many different places over time. I can now say that I have stayed in all type of accommodations: from central hosteles and pensiones back when I was doing a Phd at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, to luxury hotels when More here