Las Cuevas de Sandó: a 16th Century cave by Gran Via

Cuevas de Sando

Las Cuevas de Sandó is one of the most surprising cocktail bars in central Madrid. I have tried to keep this amazing venue to myself but I just think it wouldn’t be fair not to share this amazing underground bar with you all. I love las Cuevas de Sandó for many reasons, one of them is that this bar is strategically located right by Gran Via, on the plaza de Santo Domingo. This is indeed the perfect location if you are looking for a relaxing and rather different lounge bar after your exhausting shopping afternoon or before a big night out in central Madrid. Well, a part from its ambiance, decor and drinks menu I love this venue because of its past. For instance, the Cuevas de Sandó date back from the 16th Century and this cave was a sort of hide belonging to the Spanish Inquisition. Nowadays, it remains one of More here