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When I have to travel and live abroad for a couple of months I always end up missing my traditional Spanish food. Of course you can still cook Spanish with your new local products but if I am honest, some traditional Spanish products cannot be replaced, ever. I first came across this website when I was living in the South of France where I was working on my international communications company. I was so happy to have finally found a website that offers traditional high-quality products I could not resist to order from them. I am now in London and I am still convinced Spanish Online food is one of the best online shops if you are looking for real market-type traditional Spanish products. I have just ordered from them today so I really wanted to share my little tip with you all :) is, in fact, an online shop that sells the most representative Spanish products. I love this shop because they sell only high quality and traditional products and they focus on regional renowned appellations. Spanish Online Food also features organic products and works alongside smaller producers so you can always buy delicious and “real” Spanish products, rarely found in regular supermarkets. For instance, if you follow me you would already know I am a big fan of food markets and organic food…

A Spanish Perspective

I love shopping with them as they deliver your order to your home anywhere in Europe; they prepare and quickly deliver a batch of Spanish products which are really good value for money.

Spanish Online Food best selection of products:

Their range covers a wide variety of items, from the most representative Spanish products to the most prestigious products with certificates of origin, as well as a wide variety of products with Spanish seal of quality and guarantees. This is a list to give you a few examples of my favorite traditional products:

  • Spanish wines: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Toro, Rías Baixas…
  • Iberian charcuterie products from Guijuelo ( Salamanca)
  • Rice from Valencia and ready to eat “paellas”
  • Olive oil: Picual, Manzanilla, organic extra virgin olive oil…
  • Aloreñas Olives
  • Saffron from La Mancha
  • Paprika from La Vera
  • Pork, lamb and all sorts of Spanish meat
  • Guaranteed traditional products like: Tierra de Sabor, COPAE, IGP, DOP…

Not only they have the most typical and delicious Spanish food, but they also offer a wide variety of pulses (beans, chickpeas and lentils), honey, spices, tinned food, snacks and traditional sweets, including sunflower seeds and delicious seaweeds.

A Spanish Perspective

On their site you will find two interesting sections: In one hand a section related to organic products (oil, honey, preparations for paella…) and on another hand, gluten free related products (rice, Iberian products, wines, pâtés.).

I love, love Spanish online food as they are not just one more online Spanish exporter; they work closely with suppliers who respect the environment and offer a high quality product and service to their customers. All in all, Spanish online food cares not only for the sustainability of Spanish producers but also for customers that seek for high quality and also for specific products that respect many people’s food intolerance.

Just for your information:

CORREOS and CORREOS EXPRESS are in charge of the deliveries to the UK and Europe. They both provide the best service and also have the best European partners. Deliveries take from 5 to 8 days. The fees, which are the most competitive and cheapest in the market, depend on the weight of your order and are the same for all the UK. Before confirming the order, you can see the charges associated to the products in your cart just by selecting the address. But they offer free deliveries for orders over 150 Euros, which means a great saving in your order.

I would recommend that you visit their You Tube channel and watch the video “Our Animated Story”, an animated and funny summary of the daily work of this e-commerce of online sales leader in Europe, which is devoted to sell traditional and representative Spanish products.

And, of course, if you want to find out the latest products, offers and news you can check their Facebook page! They have a very creative and active marketing team so if you like Spanish food you would love their updates!

Please, share my tips and don’t hesitate to leave your comments below or on our Facebook page!

Gracias :)

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