Queviures Lamiel: my traditional shop in Santa Caterina market Barcelona

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If you are visiting Barcelona and you love proper food as well as buying groceries the traditional way, make sure you stop at the Mercat de Santa Caterina and at the stand called Queviures Lamiel for some Spanish ham and cheese, dried fruits, spices and so much more!

But first let’s talk about the Mercat de Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina’s Market, located near the main cathedral in Av. Francesc Cambó, 08006 Barcelona, opened its doors in 1845. You can get there by Metro: L4 stop Jaume I, by bus: 17, 45, 120 and on the V17 or even on the Barcelona Bus Turístic: stop at the Barri Gòtic

Santa Caterina market Barcelona

Image source: openbuildings.com

This market has an amazing roof designed by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue and its refurbishment was completed in 2005.


In the past, Santa Caterina’s Market was a religious convent. Nowadays, it forms part of Barcelona’s Contemporary touristy route (if you want to know more about this route check the link  here)

Santa Caterina is a modern and a traditional market at the same time because of its contemporary architecture and its traditional Catalan stores. One of these traditional stores is Queviures Lamiel. Queviures Lamiel is a small family run business since 1977. Av. Francesc Cambó, 08006 Barcelona. Paradas: 25 -30. 

mercat de santa caterina barceloma

 Queviures Lamiel opens every day at 7:30am except on Sunday (the market’s closing day)

queviures lamielThe shop Queviures Lamiel is a traditional Spanish & Catalan grocery

These types of stores are slowly disappearing in Barcelona so it would be really interesting for you to check this one out and have a feel for what shops used to be like in Barcelona. The store is one of the largest so you can find different types of products from ham and cheese to typical Spanish cookies. Depending on the season of the year, the store sells traditional seasonal specialities like panellets, which are typical for La Castanyada, or polvorones for Christmas. They also offer several dried fruits and mushrooms and a little bit of sweets.


On a personal note, if you like to add dried fruits on your dishes or desserts, I would recommend you to buy their dried fruit cocktails such as ‘Goji cocktail’ or ‘cocktail for salads’. You can also find a variety of dried fruits to eat straight or to add to your dishes, just ask the owners for tips and recipes, they are lovely and very knowledgeable!

mercat de santa caterina barcelona

For example, they told me that there is a mixed of spices which is great with chicken. They also sell saffron and other types of spices such as paprika. If you want to cook paella, Queviures Lamiel sells three types of all-ready packs to cook it: the Marinera pack for seafood and fish paellas, the Valenciana for veggies and meat paellas and the Original Paellero for any type of paellas.

santa caterina market


santa caterina market


santa caterina market

Finally, you can also buy olive oil from Catalonia, Aragón and Andalusia, as well as Spanish red and white wine. This shop has the very best locally sourced typical products and the owners will always be delighted to give you some advice on what to get so don’t hesitate to ask!

I highly recommend you to visit this market because of its architecture, the neighborhood which it is the Barri Gòtic, and the bars and stores inside the market where you can find lots of varieties of fruits, meat and fish, delicatessen and so much more.

And you know what? During the refurbishment of the market, Roman ruins of the old convent were found: now people can access them and take some pictures.

So if you like History, architecture and great traditional products you can’t miss the Santa Caterina’s market in Barcelona and my favorite food shop Queviures Lamiel !

If you are planning to visit it, don’t forget your camera. Take a lot of pictures and shared them with us on our Facebook page!




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  1. I had a look at your blog and your photos. They are so good. You feel as if you were there. And that is dicffiult. Next time you come to Spain do it further south for a real taste of COLOUR, FIESTA and SIESTA, he, he. I live in Andaluceda, close to Granada- Me1laga…I shall keep your blog to follow. How did you find my blog? I am interested to know, just in case it is worth translate into English.Un abrazoSacramento

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