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Planning a Spanish holiday? Are you looking for a relaxing destination? If ‘yes’ is the answer, let me tell you about a great option in Catalonia, Spain: the Gran Hotel Balneario Blancafort Thermal Spa **** Keep reading!   LA GARRIGA Gran Hotel Balneario Blancafort Thermal Spa **** is located in La Garriga, Catalonia (Spain). La Garriga is well known by its natural thermal waters and the modernist buildings that you can find there such as the Casa Barbey and La Torre Iris built by Joaquim Raspall.   THE GRAN HOTEL BALNEARIO BLANCAFORT THERMAL SPA **** Joan Blancafort Llavina founded ‘The Baths Establishment’ in the 1840. It was a place for those who wanted to take a natural thermal water baths or to get a treatment. Also the hotel was a meeting point for the aristocracy as well as for the most renowned artists, writers and politicians from Barcelona in that period More here

Miravet: one of the most charming Catalan villages


Miravet is one of the most charming villages in Catalonia and probably in the whole of Spain. Miravet is located in the Southern province of Tarragona at around 1h30 from Barcelona by car and only at 45 minutes from Reus international airport. Even though Miravet is a tiny picturesque village on a rural area, you can easily add this visit to your holiday schedule. If you are staying in central Barcelona, for example, the tourism office offers many scheduled day tours to Miravet, however I highly recommend that you go to Miravet by car purely to discover the magnificent Ebro valley and the breath-taking landscapes. What makes Miravet one of the most important touristy attractions in Catalonia is, without a doubt, its Templar castle. The medieval castle of Miravet is one of the best conserved fortress in Europe and the largest defensive castle in Catalonia as well as the best More here

Visit Murcia from a local’s perspective


Today I am very lucky to be with Sergio Ferrer Nadal, a real Spaniard from Motril: a small yet very desirable town on the Spanish “Tropical Coast”. However, today we are meeting Sergio to talk about another amazing Spanish town: Murcia. I would sincerely recommend you to visit Murcia, in the South of Spain. Sergio moved to Murcia 7 years ago after living in Barcelona for 5 years. Now he has become what I would call and expert of all the good things Murcia has to offer! I wanted my readers to discover this southern town and I thought Sergio would be the best person to ask travel tips to. I have recently visited Murcia for the first time and I must say I fell in love with the town’s ambiance and prettiness. For instance, Sergio was my guide and I think that exploring a city with a well-established Spanish local makes More here

Visit Zaragoza: a Spanish town full of History

visit Zargoza

If you ever visit Zaragoza for the first time, you might fall into a couple of “obvious” assumptions. Firstly, once you spot the town’s bullring you will think “Yes, this is a typical Spanish town”. Secondly, when you cross the main river, called Ebro, you will think “Yes, this is just another Spanish river”. But Zaragoza is so much more than a pretty Spanish town! In fact, these two elements, represent nothing more and nothing less than Spain’s Historic origins and also a part of  the very beginnings of Europe. Yes, you read it right, and I invite you to keep reading if you want to make the most of your trip to Zaragoza: an eclectic and historic town that will, for sure,  leave you astonished. Zaragoza’s Roman past Once in Zaragoza you might want to learn a bit about its History and its glorious Roman past. You will not learn all about Zaragoza’s History because you will read a printed guide nor because you will hire a handsome Spanish guide but you will learn about Zaragoza’s History walking around; Zaragoza More here