Miravet: one of the most charming Catalan villages

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Miravet is one of the most charming villages in Catalonia and probably in the whole of Spain. Miravet is located in the Southern province of Tarragona at around 1h30 from Barcelona by car and only at 45 minutes from Reus international airport.

Even though Miravet is a tiny picturesque village on a rural area, you can easily add this visit to your holiday schedule. If you are staying in central Barcelona, for example, the tourism office offers many scheduled day tours to Miravet, however I highly recommend that you go to Miravet by car purely to discover the magnificent Ebro valley and the breath-taking landscapes.


Image credits: Cristina Alias

What makes Miravet one of the most important touristy attractions in Catalonia is, without a doubt, its Templar castle.

The medieval castle of Miravet is one of the best conserved fortress in Europe and the largest defensive castle in Catalonia as well as the best example of medieval military structures in the Western. In fact, the castle was originally built by the Arabs before the Templars took it in 1153 during the Spanish Reconquista and re-structured to transform it into the most colossal and inaccessible Christian military base. In fact, the impregnable castle of Miravet was in the early medieval times on the border between the Arab world (South) and the Christian kingdom (North). The Templar castle of Miravet is one if the key monuments in Catalonia not only because if its impressive structure, location and Romanesque art but also because of the role it has played for the History of the country.


Image source: Bar Amadeo Miravet.

The Templar castle of Miravet is very well-conserved and if you like medieval architecture I highly recommend that you spend a few hours admiring the walls, the inner enclosure (wine cellar, storerooms, stables, refectory, bedrooms, etc), the 13th Century church and, of course, the magnificent views over the Ebro valley.

But even if you are not into architecture you will absolutely adore visiting this castle, even from the outside.  For instance, every time I take friends to Miravet they are all amazed and feel this strange and magical “je ne sais quoi” when discovering the fortress nestled on a rock overlooking the largest river in Spain.


I love spending a day in Miravet as there is so much more to do than visiting the castle! Miravet is indeed one of the most charming villages in Catalonia so if you want to discover a really typical and picturesque Spanish village then you must go to Miravet.


Image credits: miarvet.altanet.org

In Miravet you can practice water sports such kayak as well as ride bikes along the quiet rural roads with stunning views. If you love fishing then this is your place! Hiking and mountain climbing are both very popular in the area so if you feel sporty, make the most of your visit to Miravet!

But if you just want to check a charming village then head to the main square of the village where you can enjoy a drink (and traditional Catalan ham-platters with bread) while admiring the views on the river Ebro. Afterwards, from the main bars on the village square take the street to your right (calle Riu) ans start climbing towards the old village. Immerse yourself into a traditional medieval village before arriving to a mirador and to a 16th century glorious church.


Image credits: Cristina Alias. Views on the Ebro river from the castle

If you are wearing comfortable shoes then you should carry on with your visit and walk towards the castle through the old village and then through the bush on a well amended walking path. So even if you have already accessed the Templar castle by car, you should definitely walk from the old village to the castle to admire wonderful and unique views. Please note, this is a very easy walk and the whole family can complete the ascension.

If you feel hungry and you want to keep experiencing the real Catalan village way then you must stop at the restaurant el Moli de Xim. This is one of my favorite restaurants in the area and offers traditional regional plates at affordable prices. The restaurant is located in a former mill (Moli means mill in Catalan), beautiful! For lunch time they offer a Menu del Dia, a set menu where everything is included (drinks, 3 courses, bread and VAT) at around 10-15€ per person. But this is a very good restaurant on the gastronomic side so if you want to taste a traditional cuisine with a modern twist then you can go for A la Carte courses or chose a week-end set menu which costs around the 20€ per person but it’s a pure delight!


Image source: Moli de XIm

On your way out of the village you will see along the road poteries, please do stop and check the artisan art of the village. For instance, Miravet is also renowned for its traditional poterie art. From vases to souvenirs, get lost into the Catalan art traditions and bring back a piece of Miravet with you.


Image source: Ceramiques Ferran, Miravet

So, if you are looking for a charming village to sample the traditional way of life in Catalonia, I am convinced that you would love spending a day in Miravet.


Stunning views, a large choice of adventure sports, great food, architecture, walks, traditional shops and drinks with views what else can you ask?

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Gracias and I hope you enjoy your day out in Miravet :)

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