“Made in Spain, Making it in Britain” event in London

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Made in Spain, Making it in Britain is an event carried out by a proponent called Quality of Spain, held on the 12th of February in the Instituto Cervantes in London, to discuss the many opportunities Spanish businesses have in the UK.

quality of spain

Victoria Gallardo created Quality of Spain 4 years ago and it has achieved a great successful regarding to strengthen the Spanish business in the UK.

The truth is that there is a “gap between Spain’s perception in the UK and the reality” as Enrique Ruiz de Lera, the Spanish Tourist Office director, said in a Spanish embassy’s conference. Spain is seen as a sunny, beach and low cost country, whilst Spain can also produce and offer different types of good quality products. The issue is, as Gallardo said, Spaniards don’t know how to sell themselves in the business field. This is the reason why Victoria Gallardo decided to create the proponent Quality of Spain, trying to encourage and help Spanish businesses to launch themselves in the UK.

Enrique Ruiz de Lera said that “Spain is the holiday destination in the UK” and the Brits have special loyalty with our country.

They visit Spain and they come back again. Spanish businesses should take advantage of this love affair Britain’s have with Spain to establish our businesses in the British market. But the challenge for Spain is to be a more aspirational destination in the UK, not just being a country with sun, beach and low cost hotels.

Now, if we think about Oxford Street or Regent’s Street in London, there are many stores such as Mango, Zara or Massimo Dutti which are part of Inditex, -a Spanish company- and they have a lot of clients every day, everywhere in the UK. There are also more businesses such as Iberdrola that gives electricity to Scotland, or Iberia and British Airways in the aircraft field. And finally, but not less important, Telefónica (O2) and Santander in telecoms and banking field which, at least, Santander that is more successful in the UK than in Spain.

This means that Spain is not the country everybody thinks it is, even Spanish people are wrong about it. Spain has indeed a huge knowledge in green technologies. Spain is also considered a safe country. The fashion and food industry in Spain are completely loved by the Brits and, for sure, our beer and wine are hugely popular between them as well.

During the event, Made in Spain, Making it in Britain, there was Spanish music and catering which make more pleasant the event where the celebration of the success of the Spanish brands established in the UK was carrying out.

One of A Spanish Perspective’s objectives is to share with the UK our love for the real and unique Spanish culture, which is certainly more than Sun, Sangria and Beach. We also aim to contribute in showing Spain’s economic potential abroad as well as the high quality of products and professional services that Spain exports. We also believe Spain is making a real difference within the gastronomic industry in Spain and around the world. Please, share the love and follow us to learn more about Spain from a native’s perspective!


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