A traditional Spanish dessert recipe: the “casadiella” from Asturias

Spanish dessert

A Spanish Perspective would like to introduce to all of you Alicia Herraez, a young Spanish pastry chef from Asturias, in the North of Spain. Alicia is now living in Barcelona where we have met her in order to know her story and learn a little bit about traditional sweet recipes. Alicia has a degree in Environmental Science and she has worked for a long time as a technician on the construction industry of High Speed Trains. Due to the enormous economic crisis that nowadays is still hitting Spain pretty hard she lost her former job (I think most of you may know about the situation in Spain as there is an important Spanish community of young and brilliant people working abroad because they were forced to leave Spain to find work opportunities). During the economic crisis she had to look for a new employment. But then Alicia decided she just had to stop, she just had to take a breath and think about her professional future in a More here