The Fallas of Valencia: one of the most important festivities in Spain

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The Fallas of Valencia is certainly one of the most desired and expected of all annual celebrations in Spain. The falleros work on this specific festivity the whole year creating from scratch these amazing Fallas that are, in fact, enormous papier-mâché figures built to be burnt.

Fallas Valencia

Image source: Valencia Tips

Every year, Spanish people are eager to discover the new Fallas that can be up to 20 feet tall. Before being burnt, the Fallas are shown around the city while being filmed and shown on the main TV programs for Spanish people’s biggest delight. These figures are not only beautiful, they also want to get a message across. For instance, almost all the Fallas are a satire of the society and everything is allowed: they mock politics, celebrities, sports icons, actors or movies. In fact, the Fallas can be quite grotesque and funny, however other Fallas only pretend to entertain the public with purely beautiful artistic figures. All the Fallas enter a contest, and every year there is an annual Fallas’ winner.

Thousands of Spanish head to the Fallas in Valencia to witness not only these sensational pieces of art, but also to experience the buzzing and festive atmosphere.

Fallas Valencia

Image source: horta

Like most of the cities, towns and villages do in Spain, Valencia celebrates its biggest festivity around its patron Virgen’s day: La Virgen de los Desamparados. Just for your information, Spain is a catholic country where religious traditions orchestrate most of Spanish’ traditional celebrations. Almost all the villages and towns have an annual celebration in honor to their Holly Patron (las Fiestas).

Virgen de los Desamparados

The Ofrenda de las Flores a la Virgen de los Desemparados is a moving celebration that takes place mid-March, on the 2 final days of the Fallas: all the falleros and falleras from all over the region of Valencia head to the capital in order to gift their patron Virgin with flowers. This celebration is a wonderful display of thousands of devotes falleros and falleras all wearing traditional costumes dancing and honoring a giant image of the Virgin on the Plaza de la Virgen.


Image source: Lyka momentos

But that being said, what makes the Fallas so magical is the fire. The Fallas festivities are all about the fire: loud fire-crackers, wonderful fire-work displays and it all builds up towards the final Nit del Foc (night of the fire) when ALL the Fallas without exception are burnt. Literary, Valencia sets on fire!

Fallas de Valencia

The Fallas last for 3 weeks: you can check the program in details here. And if you decide to go to Valencia you can find out more about what to do in Valencia in this article.

I have selected a beautiful video for you where the origins, story and celebrations of the Fallas the Valencia is told (in English) as well as illustrated with amazing images and videos.


I hope you enjoy it and if you do visit Las Fallas, please share your thoughts below or share your pictures on our Facebook page! Gracias!


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