“Made in Spain, Making it in Britain” event in London

quality of spain

Made in Spain, Making it in Britain is an event carried out by a proponent called Quality of Spain, held on the 12th of February in the Instituto Cervantes in London, to discuss the many opportunities Spanish businesses have in the UK. Victoria Gallardo created Quality of Spain 4 years ago and it has achieved a great successful regarding to strengthen the Spanish business in the UK. The truth is that there is a “gap between Spain’s perception in the UK and the reality” as Enrique Ruiz de Lera, the Spanish Tourist Office director, said in a Spanish embassy’s conference. Spain is seen as a sunny, beach and low cost country, whilst Spain can also produce and offer different types of good quality products. The issue is, as Gallardo said, Spaniards don’t know how to sell themselves in the business field. This is the reason why Victoria Gallardo decided to create More here