TOP 10 Spanish Films

Spanish films

Did you know that movies like The Impossible, The Others, Buried or Agora were all Spanish films? In the past decades, Spanish cinema has made its way in Hollywood and Spanish producers and directors are now internationally film makers. However, not only English speaking Spanish produced movies are famous around the world, movies in Spanish (with subtitles) like The Pan’s Labyrinth, The Sea Inside, Talk to her and Volver are a few more of internationally awarded Spanish films. Spanish cinema is one of the most creative and rich in the world, but to make it easier for you, today I will only share with you my top 10 Spanish films that you recognize -or not- but I promise they are worth watching! 10. THE SKIN I LIVE IN The Skin I Live In is a very special film. They tell you it is about a human experiment. I think it is More here