San Fermín Festival in Pamplona

san fermin festival

San Fermín is Pamplona’s local festivity. The city of Pamplona is located in Navarra, in the North of Spain and it it has become famous around the world thanks to the San Fermín festival. San Fermín is celebrated every year from the 6th of July to the 14th of July. In 1980, the San Fermín festival was declared “International Tourist Interest”. Every year, visitors come to Pamplona from far away, from Germany to the US, in order to celebrate one of Spain’s most famous traditional festival! The origins of San Fermín San Fermín origins are found back in the Middle-Ages. In July, locals used to celebrate three major events: the religious acts related to San Fermín (Pamplona’s saint patron), the old cattle’s fairs and the traditional bullfights. Actually, San Fermín (the holly saint) was born in September 1381, but in 1591, the Pamplonenses, the locals from Pamplona, decided to change More here