Rosa Clará: one of the most iconic Bridal designer in the world

Rosa Clara

Rosa Clará is synonym of elegance and innovation when it comes to wedding dresses. Rosa was born in Barcelona and she graduated in Law before discovering a passion for bridal design only 19 years ago. She followed her passion starting with the bouquets creation and she soon realized all bridal dresses were boring and outdated. The Spanish designer did not take long before realizing that in Spain there was a gap in the market for innovative and elegant alternative bridal clothing. She never looked back. The Spanish designer has become an icon and one of the most admired designer not only in Spain but all over the world and now collaborates with the most prestigious fashion brands such Karl Lagerfreld, Christian Lacroix amongst others. Rosa Clará is most known for her incomparable and high-end bridal collections that are always defined by elegance, simplicity and romance. Rosa Clará is simply one More here

San Fermín Festival in Pamplona

san fermin festival

San Fermín is Pamplona’s local festivity. The city of Pamplona is located in Navarra, in the North of Spain and it it has become famous around the world thanks to the San Fermín festival. San Fermín is celebrated every year from the 6th of July to the 14th of July. In 1980, the San Fermín festival was declared “International Tourist Interest”. Every year, visitors come to Pamplona from far away, from Germany to the US, in order to celebrate one of Spain’s most famous traditional festival! The origins of San Fermín San Fermín origins are found back in the Middle-Ages. In July, locals used to celebrate three major events: the religious acts related to San Fermín (Pamplona’s saint patron), the old cattle’s fairs and the traditional bullfights. Actually, San Fermín (the holly saint) was born in September 1381, but in 1591, the Pamplonenses, the locals from Pamplona, decided to change More here

Barcelona World Mobile Congress: One of the world’s leading technology shows

Barcelona Mobile World congress

  Once again, in March the whole world will turn its eyes on Barcelona as Barcelona hosts one of the most important technology events in the world: the Barcelona World Mobile Congress. This congress is in fact, the world’s largest 3GSM conference and business exhibition. Barcelona is nowadays the Mobile Capital of the World and  in 2011, Barcelona was officially declared the “GSMA World Capital”. Barcelona World Mobile Congress is the best place for mobile leaders to network, exhibit and find new business opportunities. This congress certainly determines the trends and the future of the mobile industry. Every year, at the App Planet Ceremony (the Global Mobile award) which is for the best mobile solutions in the world are publicly awarded. It has been said that smartphones and wearable technology are going to be the biggest themes in 2015! More than 1.800 companies will, again, be displaying their mobile products More here

The Fallas of Valencia: one of the most important festivities in Spain

fallas valencia

The Fallas of Valencia is certainly one of the most desired and expected of all annual celebrations in Spain. The falleros work on this specific festivity the whole year creating from scratch these amazing Fallas that are, in fact, enormous papier-mâché figures built to be burnt. Every year, Spanish people are eager to discover the new Fallas that can be up to 20 feet tall. Before being burnt, the Fallas are shown around the city while being filmed and shown on the main TV programs for Spanish people’s biggest delight. These figures are not only beautiful, they also want to get a message across. For instance, almost all the Fallas are a satire of the society and everything is allowed: they mock politics, celebrities, sports icons, actors or movies. In fact, the Fallas can be quite grotesque and funny, however other Fallas only pretend to entertain the public with purely More here

TOP 10 Spanish Films

Spanish films

Did you know that movies like The Impossible, The Others, Buried or Agora were all Spanish films? In the past decades, Spanish cinema has made its way in Hollywood and Spanish producers and directors are now internationally film makers. However, not only English speaking Spanish produced movies are famous around the world, movies in Spanish (with subtitles) like The Pan’s Labyrinth, The Sea Inside, Talk to her and Volver are a few more of internationally awarded Spanish films. Spanish cinema is one of the most creative and rich in the world, but to make it easier for you, today I will only share with you my top 10 Spanish films that you recognize -or not- but I promise they are worth watching! 10. THE SKIN I LIVE IN The Skin I Live In is a very special film. They tell you it is about a human experiment. I think it is More here

“Made in Spain, Making it in Britain” event in London

quality of spain

Made in Spain, Making it in Britain is an event carried out by a proponent called Quality of Spain, held on the 12th of February in the Instituto Cervantes in London, to discuss the many opportunities Spanish businesses have in the UK. Victoria Gallardo created Quality of Spain 4 years ago and it has achieved a great successful regarding to strengthen the Spanish business in the UK. The truth is that there is a “gap between Spain’s perception in the UK and the reality” as Enrique Ruiz de Lera, the Spanish Tourist Office director, said in a Spanish embassy’s conference. Spain is seen as a sunny, beach and low cost country, whilst Spain can also produce and offer different types of good quality products. The issue is, as Gallardo said, Spaniards don’t know how to sell themselves in the business field. This is the reason why Victoria Gallardo decided to create More here