Best markets to visit in Barcelona

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What are the best markets to visit in Barcelona? Whether you’re into fashion, food, books or antiques, you can be sure this cosmopolitan city has something up it’s sleeve for you. In fact, there are so many markets in Barcelona that you could probably visit a different one every day of the week. You really are spoilt for choice! Here are the best ones you should see.

Best market for food: La Boqueria

La Boqueria Barcelona

La Boqueria, Rambla, 85-89

It may be sitting right on the edge of the tourist-laden Rambla, but La Boqueria has been called a “gastronomic temple” and is an absolute must for anyone who loves their food. The market is one of the city’s most bustling and with good reason – it’s been there since 1200AD. Spend some time exploring the stalls there and you’ll find everything from freshly made smoothies to pastries, paella and pizza. There are several “carnisserias” (butcher stalls) where you’ll find excellent Iberic ham and some good seafood too. If you’re a vegetarian, you’re in luck: choose from fresh olives,vegetables, nuts, exotic fruits and pies.

Every day except Sunday from 8:00 to 20:30

Best market for vintage: Lost and Found 


Lost and found market Barcelona


Lost and Found Market, Estación de Francia, Av. Marquès de l’Argentera 

There are so many great vintage markets in Barcelona that it’s almost a crime to choose between them. However, at a push, I would have to say that the Lost and Found market at Estacio de Francia is the best. Why? Because it has original, well made clothes at brilliant prices. Pick up a wonderful wool jumper, a leather jacket or a little summer dress at a bargain price. There’s no “cliquey” feel like there is at some of the other vintage hangouts. In fact, Lost and Found’s aim is to “establish a meeting point between citizens”. It has a fun, non-pretentious atmosphere that makes it the perfect melting pot for both tourists and locals. There’s also a real novelty in the fact that it’s held inside a working train station.

Check website for dates of the next event

Best market for second hand: Flea Market BCN


Flea market barcelona


Flea Market BCN, Plaza Blanquerna, Museo Maritimo

The Barcelona Flea Market is one place I will never tire of visiting. Held down by the Museo Maritimo, this little market sprawls over two sides of the street and has a decent selection of stalls with men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, bric a brac, and everything in between. Because it’s run by normal people rather than businesses, you’ll pick up some pretty good bargains too. Head there early to pick up some gems.

8th of every month 11:00 to 19:00

Best market for books and posters: Sant Antoni


Book market Sant Antoni


Book market Sant Antoni, Comte d’Urgell, Eixample 1

The vintage book market in Sant Antoni is held every Sunday and is a great place to rub shoulders with like-minded bookworms. Be aware that most, if not all, of the books on sale will be in either Spanish or Catalan. If you’ve recently moved to Barcelona and you’re looking for some eye-catching décor for your new pad, you’re in luck. You can find some nice posters here from vintage style art to film and popular culture. If that’s not enough, check out the coins, postcards, vinyl music and photographs.

Sundays from 10:00 to 15:00

Best market for hanging out: Palo Alto


Palo Alto market Poble Nou


Palo Alto Market, Carrer dels Pellaires, 30-38, Poble Nou 

The Palo Alto market in Poble Nou is hugely popular but you’ll want to get there early to avoid the crowds. However, don’t let the line of people waiting to get in deter you – it usually moves pretty fast! Inside, you’ll find a secret garden full of treasures from jewellery to art, fashion to hand made crafts. It’s a fab place to buy gifts. There’s an excellent little coffee stall and some great food too. The nicest thing about Palo Alto is the location – this market is set in an old factory with a gorgeous stone walled garden surrounded by creeping vines and flowers.

First weekend of every month, 11:00 to 20:00

Best market for hipsters: Demanoenmano


demanoenmano market Barcelona


Demanoenmano, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona

Don’t miss the De Mano en Mano market held once a month in the Art Museum. It features lots of men’s and women’s clothing (both vintage and new), cool t-shirts, distressed denim, bags and coats. It’s one of those markets where you always come away with something that’s a little bit different to everything else in your wardrobe.

First weekend of every month, 11:00 to 21:00

Best market for bargains: Two Market


Two market Barcelona

Two Market, Carrer de Zamora, 78, Poble Nou 

The Two Market in Poble Nou is a little bit off the beaten track, but it’s well worth making the trip because everything there is a euro! Books, clothes, toys, ornaments and other random things can be found in here. It’s pretty much the cheapest market you’ll find in Barcelona, and a haven for bargain hunters.

Twice a month, check website for exact dates

Have you been to these markets? We want to know your thoughts:  Let us know in the comments or in our Facebook page!

Article by Rachel Faulkner

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