Visit Zaragoza: a Spanish town full of History

visit Zargoza

If you ever visit Zaragoza for the first time, you might fall into a couple of “obvious” assumptions. Firstly, once you spot the town’s bullring you will think “Yes, this is a typical Spanish town”. Secondly, when you cross the main river, called Ebro, you will think “Yes, this is just another Spanish river”. But Zaragoza is so much more than a pretty Spanish town! In fact, these two elements, represent nothing more and nothing less than Spain’s Historic origins and also a part of  the very beginnings of Europe. Yes, you read it right, and I invite you to keep reading if you want to make the most of your trip to Zaragoza: an eclectic and historic town that will, for sure,  leave you astonished. Zaragoza’s Roman past Once in Zaragoza you might want to learn a bit about its History and its glorious Roman past. You will not learn all about Zaragoza’s History because you will read a printed guide nor because you will hire a handsome Spanish guide but you will learn about Zaragoza’s History walking around; Zaragoza More here

A traditional Spanish dessert recipe: the “casadiella” from Asturias

Spanish dessert

A Spanish Perspective would like to introduce to all of you Alicia Herraez, a young Spanish pastry chef from Asturias, in the North of Spain. Alicia is now living in Barcelona where we have met her in order to know her story and learn a little bit about traditional sweet recipes. Alicia has a degree in Environmental Science and she has worked for a long time as a technician on the construction industry of High Speed Trains. Due to the enormous economic crisis that nowadays is still hitting Spain pretty hard she lost her former job (I think most of you may know about the situation in Spain as there is an important Spanish community of young and brilliant people working abroad because they were forced to leave Spain to find work opportunities). During the economic crisis she had to look for a new employment. But then Alicia decided she just had to stop, she just had to take a breath and think about her professional future in a More here


A Spanish Perspective

  Cristina Rabal Carol – colaboradora de A Spanish Perspective – comparte hoy con nosotros sus reflexiones acerca de su experiencia como Aupair en Penarth, un pueblecito cerca de Cardiff (Capital de Gales, UK) Nos explica brevemente cómo fue su búsuqeda de familia, sus primeras impresiones al llegar a UK y algunos consejos para aquellos que estén pensando hacer lo mismo.   El proceso de encontrar una familia para poder irse a trabajar como Aupair se podría resumir en una frase: Nadie dijo que fuera fácil. Es como la lotería, nunca sabes si la familia te dirá que sí, que no, o si simplemente no te responderá. Al acabar la carrera decidí hacer un parón antes de empezar el máster y tomarme una especie de año sabático pero con la intención de mejorar mi inglés y de vivir una aventura que, aunque sabía que podría ser dura a veces, me More here

Top tips for cycling in Barcelona

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  Cycling around Barcelona is an excellent way to soak up the sights, breathe in the Mediterranean air and beat the traffic. The city’s numerous biking lanes and relaxed vibe make it perfect for both beginners and seasoned cyclists. If you’re about to embark on some biking in Barcelona, here are some handy tips. Rent a bike in Barcelona If you want to rent a bike in Barcelona, you will be spoilt for choice. There are dozens of bike rental shops dotted around the city, from La Raval to El Born and La Barceloneta. It’s a wise move to check out a few of them in advance, to compare things like bike rental fees (per hour and per day) and the type of bikes on offer. The kind of bikes you’ll be offered can vary greatly between shops – for example, one place might offer Dutch bikes, another might do More here

Best markets to visit in Barcelona

Best markets in Barcelona

  What are the best markets to visit in Barcelona? Whether you’re into fashion, food, books or antiques, you can be sure this cosmopolitan city has something up it’s sleeve for you. In fact, there are so many markets in Barcelona that you could probably visit a different one every day of the week. You really are spoilt for choice! Here are the best ones you should see. Best market for food: La Boqueria La Boqueria, Rambla, 85-89   It may be sitting right on the edge of the tourist-laden Rambla, but La Boqueria has been called a “gastronomic temple” and is an absolute must for anyone who loves their food. The market is one of the city’s most bustling and with good reason – it’s been there since 1200AD. Spend some time exploring the stalls there and you’ll find everything from freshly made smoothies to pastries, paella and More here

Top 3 central Barcelona hostels: reviews

hostel barcelona

Before moving to Barcelona for good, and during the two weeks before finding an apartment, James Roberts stayed in three different central Barcelona hostels. Today, James shares with A Spanish Perspective his personal opinion on these 3 central Barcelona hostels. A Spanish Perspective would like to thank James for his input and for his enthusiasm in sharing with all of us his recent experience in 3 of the most well-known and centrally located Barcelona hostels. Hostel Urbany BCN GO I was on a tight budget when I first visited the city last November, so was pleased to find a bed for 7€ per night at Urbany BCN GO (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 563). I arrived into Sants Estacio on the bus from Santander at 6.30am, realising at that moment that I’d naively forgotten to see if there was 24hr check-in. Unfortunately I was was out of luck, check in at More here