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¡Hola!     Welcome to A Spanish Perspective


If you made it to this page, that means you are, somehow, interested in Spanish culture and I couldn’t be more delighted…

My name is Cristina Alias and the idea behind A Spanish Perspective is to share with the rest of the world the love that I have for my culture in a responsible and honest way. I am certainly not a patriotic Spanish who tries to claim that Spanish art, gastronomy or even wine are the best… otherwise I would not be happily living abroad -in London- and travelling as often as possible to discover exciting new cultures.

Nerveless, I do believe Spain is an outstanding culturally rich country but unfortunately, over the years I have noticed that Spain is often ONLY associated with sunny warm weather, beach and… well, paella! (oh, and also with Mexican hats, olé)

So why should you read A Spanish Perspective?

A Spanish Perspective will give you first-hand insights of Spain from a native point of view. For instance, I am a native Spanish speaker with a university degree and masters in Spanish History, Cultural affairs & language as well as deep personal and professional experience in Spain (and abroad).

But a part from what could qualify me as a legitimate writer & web editor, I have always been passionate about promoting and endorsing a diversity of cultural Spanish aspects. While working in France and the UK I have been lucky enough to get involved in some marketing projects : from business conferences to tourism promotions and everything in between!

Spain is a country of cultural & natural contrasts

Landscapes and weather can dramatically change from one region to another as well as gastronomy, traditions and business orientations. That is why I have always loved travelling through the country trying to experience to the fullest the best of each region. However, despite my countless road-trips I need some genuine contributors to uncover the whole picture. A Spanish Perspective occasionally works with qualified Spanish writers whose aim is to share their knowledge and passion for their region, habits, cuisine, fashion and so much more! Gracias to my passionate team.

In this Spanish e-magazine you can find ideas for your next holiday

Long story short, in this e-magazine you can find ideas for your next holiday whether you are looking for a rural hidden destination or a Mallorca resort: you will always get first-hand recommendations from the Spanish editorial team. Going on a business trip to Spain? Find some great tips, hotels and leisure inspirations!

The best of Spain

But no need to travel to Spain (yet) to start living la vida, bring some sunshine to your live and learn more about recommended products, shopping, movies and, most importantly, about what Spanish people and expats love the most. We want to share it with you!

Moving to Spain?

This e-magazine can also be a great support if you are deciding to move to Spain or if you have already made the big move!

The Spanish section

Last but no least, if you want to practice your Spanish you can also read in castellano what Spanish expats like about their new home-town, their country or even about their trips and experiences abroad and all this from a Spanish perspective!

Un saludo,

Cristina Alias
Blog owner & Chief editor

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